I’ve been very productive working on this design project with my friend. It’s a social media templates offering site - heyandyay

We spent most of the time designing templates but since we produced enough to start with, We will be more focusing on finding market places. Also we are planning to do free give aways to some small online shopping malls and small businesses to try themselves.

at the end of the day, my goal is to make an easy-to-use template generating web service that can be done on the web not on the photoshop. Idea is very simple but I felt the needs to myself few months ago. I found it so frustrating and cumbersome to make all those marketing resources when I was doing the crowdfunding for my calendar. I just wanted to focuse on making the actual product but I had to make some images for instagram and for other media channels. That’s when I thought to myself I could use some easy-to-use templates.

anyway gotta get back to work now. :)